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Why should you choose a Pocket Door?

Deanta has launched a brand new sliding systems range, featuring the new pocket door kit.

A pocket door system is the ideal solution where space is limited in such rooms as kitchens or bathrooms. Concealing internal sliding doors within the wall cavity has a significant impact on both usable space and perceived available space, making rooms more flexible and feeling lighter and airier..

pocket door system pamplona
Featured door: Pamplona oak

Firstly, what actually is a pocket door?

The term pocket door is becoming widely recognised and it simply refers to a top hung sliding internal door which disappears into a recessed compartment within the wall when opened. Pocket doors are becoming increasingly popular with architects due to their space-saving abilities. They are most commonly used within kitchens and bathroom settings as they do not swing out like a traditional door, ensuring they optimise small or limited spaces whilst providing a stylish and modern finish to a room.

When would you use a pocket door?

Making the most out of the space in your home is essential, and there are many areas of the home that can benefit from pocket doors. As they slide easily into the wall and yet still provide the option of a door to shut when needed, pocket doors can feature in any room throughout the house, but here are a few of our favourite suggestions.

The Dining room – a classic setting for pocket doors as the flow of space between one room and the next is dramatically opened up creating either a formal and informal setting as required.

Bathrooms – traditionally one of the smallest rooms in a home, a pocket door will add space and light instantly simply by taking out a swing door, whilst retaining all the desired privacy needed.

Utility Rooms / Laundry Spaces – smaller side rooms and additional rooms benefit greatly from pocket doors, allowing extra room for furniture or appliances, whilst still acting as a separate space.

Pocket doors are also a fantastic option for homeowners with limited mobility. The sliding motion of the door ensures that wheelchair users in particular, do not need to navigate around the door to easily travel from room to room.

pocket door system ely
Featured door: Ely white primed

Can any door be used as a pocket door?

The Déanta pocket door kit is compatible with the majority of our doors ensuring that you can have the perfect look and matching doors for your property, whether only one or every door is a pocket door.

Are Pocket Doors Expensive?

Pocket Doors are more complex than traditional doors in terms of the fitting making them a slightly more expensive option than hinged doors, however, they are also widely regarded as a mark of quality. Déanta pocket sliding doors are able to fit into any style of property or room providing flexibility and innovative design as well as a 10 year defect guarantee for peace of mind.

Advantages of Déanta Pocket Doors

  • Ability to Increase available space by up to 10%
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Horizontal bars increase the durability of the overall system
  • Aluminium frame
  • Over 100,000 tested openings
  • 120 kg supported weight
  • Under door profile provided, allows stable and smooth sliding
  • Deanta 10 year manufacturers defect guarantee
  • Add-on products available
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