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As a TTF (Timber Trade Federation) member, we are committed to sourcing products with the highest environmental credentials and to making sure that the timber products we provide are from legal and sustainable origins.

The TTF’s due diligence framework and toolbox is called RPP and it supports us providing guidelines and promoting good practice procurement policies to customers.


View our 2016/17 Responsible Timber Purchaser certificate.

The Timber Trade Federation is at the forefront of promoting timber as the world’s leading renewable, low carbon construction material. Representing all sectors of the timber industry in the UK, the TTF drives the growth of wood products and services through effective representation of the industry and promotion of its members at all levels. This Federation operates throughout the UK and has a number of regional Associations where you can connect with potential business partners and clients. The local Associations represent the timber trade in that region and acts as a grass roots channel of communication between the TTF and its members.



At the moment, we are one of the few doors manufacturers in the UK which operate following TTF’s guidelines and we are proud of the contribution we have given so far.

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