Don't rely on self-accredited schemes when it comes to safety.

Deanta enhanced security doorsets have been tested by third-party accreditors and proven to perform to the highest standard. Enhanced security performance tested to PAS24:2016, fire tested to EN1634-1 and certified by BM TRADA’s Enhanced Security Doorset and Fire Door Manufacturer schemes.

PAS 24 Certification

PAS 24 is a set of tests designed to assess the security of doors and windows against the effects of an opportunistic burglar. The tests involved consider the size of tool used and the time it would take to be noticed. To comply with current building regulations all new builds require doors and windows to have test evidence showing they have passed the security aspects of PAS 24.

This means that any company wanting to put their products into a new building must have passed the test first. At Deanta, we have not only tested our doorsets to PAS 24: 2016 but also to BS6375 parts 2 and 3 which involve testing the performance, operation, and strength of the doorset to offer further reassurance to the end user.

PAS 24 doorsets are specifically designed for internal settings, such as apartments, student accommodation and assisted living. These entrance doorsets must be within a heated corridor and cannot be used as an external doorset.

Security Testing

The security has been successfully tested to PAS 24: 2016 and BS6375 parts 2 and 3 satisfying Approved Document Q.

Smoke Testing

The smoke leakage performance has been tested to EN1634-3: 2004 and restricted the smoke leakage at ambient temperatures under the required level.

Acoustic Testing

Provides up to 32dB sound reduction, the doorset exceeds the requirements of Approved Document E.

Fire Testing

The PAS 24 doorset has been tested to EN1634-1: 2014 and provides 30 minutes fire resistance.