We have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions. We hope we’ve covered most questions, but if you have any others then please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Where can I buy Deanta doors?

  • You can buy our doors from one of our stockists throughout the UK. To find your local stockist, please visit our stockist page [link].


How are the doors constructed?

  • High density particle board core. Oak, walnut or mdf lippings, according to the door finish.

How much can be taken off the sides of the doors?

  •  32 mm can be taken off the width and the height of the door.  30 mm from FD30 doors


What is the thickness of the glass on all Deanta doors?



What type of glass is used on the glazed doors?

  • Depending on the door design we use different types of glass.
  • Our clear glazed doors feature clear toughened glass or bevelled toughened glass – this is specified on each of our products.
  • Our obscure glazed doors all feature obscure glazed toughened glass.
  • Our FD30 glazed doors all feature our patented Deanta Fire Glass. This has been extensively tested to ensure that it offers the very best in fire safety testing.


Can you rebate our doors?

  • Yes….


How wide / high can we make a bespoke door?


What finishing products can we use on the doors?

  • We recommend a few options for our doors. Osmo oil, Sikkens polyeutherane interior varnish, Ronseal And Dulux.


What is a bookmarked door?

  • It is made from two identical veneers that have been created from the same tree. These are great when purchasing two doors for a double door.


How thick is our veneer?

  • 0.6mm


Why is the lipping a different colour?



What is FSC?

  • The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) promotes responsible forestry. They certify forests all over the world to ensure they meet the highest environmental and social standards. In order to be given FSC certification a forest must be managed in an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable manner.


Do we offer a guarantee on our products?

  • Yes, all of our products come with a 10-year warranty.


What is a smoke seal?

  • A smoke seal is placed around door frames. It is designed to block smoke entering a room through the door so you are protected from smoke inhalation.


What is an intumescent strip?

  • Intumescent strips are normally placed around door frames to fire protection. When they are exposed to heat the strip expands and seals the gap between the door and the frame to contain the fire.


How do I measure up for a door?


How many hinges would you recommend?

  • We recommend using 3 hinges per door due to the solid and heavy construction of our doors.


How thick and wide is the skirting and architrave?


Can the skirting and architrave be cut down?


Why don’t you give aperture sizes for the glass?