Our Commitment to Fire Safety

Fire safety is at the core of our business. Because we manufacture all of our own doors, we can ensure that every single component, not only meets the required standards but exceeds them. We invest heavily in research and development to provide you with the safest, most reliable fire door products on the market.

To ensure the safety of all of our fire rated products they are extensively tested and accredited by third-party certification schemes. Every 30-minute fire door (FD30 doors) in our collection is certified by the BM TRADA Q-Mark and/or Certifire scheme. The relevant third-party certifications are indicated on the individual product pages of this website and in our brochure.

Certifire Accreditation

Certifire is a UKAS accredited, independent third-party product certification scheme operated by Warringtonfire Testing and Certification Limited. FD30 doors certified to the Certifire scheme are clearly identified as such on each product page. All Certifire accredited products carry a unique label on the bottom edge of the door. A Certifire CF5740 Data Sheet will be provided with every purchase of a Certifire accredited door.

BM TRADA Q-Mark Accreditation

The BM TRADA Q-Mark scheme is based on the recognised Product Certification Standard EN ISO/ICE 17065 and confirms that a product conforms to the requirements of an appropriate recognised product Scheme Technical Document. BM TRADA Q-Mark products feature a plug identifying them as such. The plug to identify a Q-Mark accredited product will be located on the top of the door: Outer colour – indicates the period of fire integrity e.g. 30, 60, 90 or up to 120 minutes of fire protection. Deanta is an approved door leaf and/or frame manufacturer (only valid for FD30 & FD60 doors) which is indicated by the red inner colour.