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The industrial, urban lifestyle has been on trend for the last few years, but is far from disappearing from our radar. In this blog we will look at how this chic style is achievable in all of our homes.

Spacious Stylings

We connect the industrial style to raw materials, factory conversions, and open-plan spaces; so open up your space and open up your style to new interior trends. In the photos above you can see one of the most popular ways to achieve that look is to have an open-plan space, and in a lot of cases, less is more.

Paired with the large open space we find that large, lofty windows are one of the key fits to this trend. Not everyone can have these architectural features so encouraging as much light in is just as acceptable to achieve this look. All of Deanta’s Urban Collection doors are available with clear or tinted glass to bring light into your interior with ease and allow a continuous flow between rooms.

Fabulous Features

Urban design is all about that “stripped back”, raw material look that takes you back to your roots. This ranges from wooden feature walls to large hanging lights, and in many cases upcycled chandeliers. Raw materials can also include exposed brick and pipe to show off your modern home; many interior designers upcycle pipes into shelving, light fixtures, and other details to finish their interior. Compliment these features with our selection of specially designed handles for our Urban range available in Matt Black, Satin Chrome, and Satin Brass.

You need to contrast that large space with striking features to catch the eye of your visitors. Choose a bold centrepiece for your wooden table with an accompanied black light fixture. Foliage is also a great way to break through the dark tones and carry-on the natural feel.

Perfect Pairings

As this trend has simmered for the last few years, it has met other trends such as escapism and cottage-core. Which is why in many inspiration photos you find indoor plants across the rooms and reused items to renew their interior. We just love this style because you can incorporate so many ideas and styles to fit your mood and room.


Urban and industrial living to many comes across as stylish, bold but structured. But comfort comes across well in this design style, large leather chairs and plumped striking sofas are just what the doctor ordered for quiet nights in. As with any interior design you should bring something to the table that represents yourself and your style. Add a splash of your favourite colour, upcycle a favoured piece of furniture, or even add a piece of artwork to your feature wall.


Colour is also welcome in many variations of this style, mostly post box reds and luscious greens are the perfect contrast to the natural browns.  But why stop there with the colour? All of our white primed doors can be painted with a colour of your choice