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Like picking an outfit to suit your figure, choosing the right door for your home is key to defining your property’s personality and transforming the whole look and feel of a house. Not only are internal doors the first thing you see and touch when you enter a room, but they also form the background of your interior setting. If they don’t look right or fit correctly, you’ll end up feeling uncomfortable in your own home. So what exactly do you need to consider when picking internal doors for your house?

Door styles

Getting the right interior doors is a notoriously difficult task — so often they end up jarring with the house’s style. Never forget that, period or modern, they must always complement the décor.

For an older-style property, choose doors to match the period of the house. Panelled doors are the most popular and many manufacturers have a large stock of these.

Contemporary homes generally suit minimalist flush doors, complete with fantastically sleek door furniture. Glazed doors are also good for contemporary spaces, and are available with clear or obscured options.

If none of the off-the-shelf designs suit, you can have your doors custom made.

Rochester White Primed

Rochester White Primed



Internal doors are traditionally made from solid wood, in a range of different styles and timbers and finished in different ways. The most common are panel, flush and pressed. Panel doors are the traditional choice and are usually made from soft or hard wood. They vary widely in terms of number and style of panel, and often include intricately carved details.

A veneered door has a thin layer of wood bonded to a substrate that is pressed onto a timber frame. Real wood veneers offer the aesthetic benefits of solid timber, without the risk of warping or splitting, and are much more affordable. An alternative would be finding bifold doors near me from QuoteCheck, which can sometimes be a tricky task. We do recommend looking for a solid type of door to minimise the risk of the door warping in the frame.

Deanta’s doors are engineered using solid high density particle board and then either primed or finished with oak or walnut veneers.

Size does matter

The most common door size is 762mm x 1981mm, although if you are renovating an old home, the openings may be non-standard, requiring new doors to be custom made. In contemporary settings, extra-wide or tall doors look fabulous, so don’t feel confined by regular sizing. In terms of thicknesses, internal doors are generally 35mm, while fire doors must be 44mm.

Our doors are available in a range of sizes to suit almost any home. For non-standard sizes and custom-made doors, Deanta Bespoke has the solution for you.

Some of our standard sizes:

– 1981 x 457 x 35mm

– 1981 x 533 x 35mm

– 1981 x 610 x 35mm

– 1981 x 686 x 35mm

– 1981 x 762 x 35mm

– 1981 x 838 x 35mm

– 2032 x 813 x 35mm

– 2040 x 626 x 40mm

– 2040 x 726 x 40mm

– 2040 x 826 x 40mm

– 2040 x 926 x 40mm


Cadiz Walnut

Cadiz Walnut



Current Building Regulations require residential new build properties with three storeys to have fire doors with an FD30 (30 minute) rating fitted on the third floor – not including bathroom and cupboard doors. Regulations also apply to extensions that take a building to three stories, such as loft conversions.


We can supply your doors finished, pre-finished or completely unfinished, depending on the style you choose.

If you want to personalise your internal woodwork, opt for an unfinished or pre-finished door – which will have a layer of undercoat – so you just need to add the final colour. For those who would rather someone else did the painting, our fully finished doors are just that.

Ely Oak

Ely Oak


Environmental considerations

This is particularly important if you care about the environment. Not all manufacturers of wooden goods give much thought to their impact upon deforestation; however, a little research should reveal the details of those that do.

Keep an eye out for firms who encourage responsible sourcing, and you’ll be supporting companies who make sustainability a priority. Read about Deanta’s commitment to sustainability.

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