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What is Cottagecore?


The first interior design trends for 2021 is Cottagecore, but what is it? Cottagecore was the most googled trend of 2020 and we are expecting to see it retain its strength throughout 2021. It taps into the idea of being at one with nature which is at the core of 2021 trends. This major trend will be seen across the country this coming year, and we can see why. At the centre of Cottagecore is bringing the outside, in, creating a comfortable welcoming interior, in harmony with nature.


This is combined with the nostalgic influences of the homes and lifestyles of the generations before; the want to return home and simplicity. We can certainly see why this trend became so popular in 2020, with lockdowns and the desire for escapism and to return to our roots. Cottagecore will be mirrored across interior design trends for the year; seeing Earthy colours, lots of greenery, rustic styling and countryside aesthetic coming through.

4 images combined that show different interior styles of cottagecore

Down to Earth


We are all certainly feeling closer to nature this past year, and the second interior design trends for 2021 seems to mirror this.


Dulux released their colour of 2021 which they have called Brave Ground. Dulux have cleverly foreseen the change from bold mustard to neutral tones. Pair these earthy colours with plants, plump cushions, and a leather sofa, and you have the perfect cosy nook to take in the day from the safety of your home.

Image showing 4 of Deantas doors finished in the Hue Colours that fit with the interior design trend of Down to Earth

Escape to Nature


I think we all agree that we want to escape from our homes at the moment. It’s time to bring some escapism to our interiors. Especially flattering with neutral tones, green is the perfect accompaniment to this emerging theme. Expect to see rooms full of succulents and large leafy plants with lots of light to help create a sense of the great outdoors in our homes. Having the right internal door can really help complete that look. 

4 images showing use of plants with interior design and use of doors to improve light

Multi Functioning Spaces

Our final interior design trends for 2021! This trend was brought to the forefront in 2020 with many of us forced to re-evaluate our living spaces to accommodate working environments, home gyms and home learning. Versatility at home has become key as we look to adapt these spaces. Through 2021 we predict this trend to go from strength to strength! With more people than ever now expecting to work from home at least once a week it is important to maximise the floor space available. You can achieve this through multi-purpose furniture and storage that works across the home. Rooms can be open plan but also able to be separated off to create smaller rooms for work or leisure. These functional solutions refresh your original space and help to rejuvenate your space to enjoy your home in a brand-new way.

Image showing folding and pocket doors helping with the trend of creating multi functional rooms