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Over the past few weeks we have been working on designing a brand new way to display our doors. We are very pleased to announce that the first rollout of these new displays is now under way.


Why we felt the need for new displays

Doors are bulky, you just can’t get around that fact. Most of our customers display doors using traditional rigid displays – Z-shaped displays, four doors in a square or simply leaning against a wall. The issue with these forms of display are they are not interactive (the doors are generally rigid and not hung), they don’t look visually appealing and they can take up a lot of valuable showroom space.

Our brief was therefore quite simple. Design a display that looks great, takes up the smallest possible space – and most importantly – allows customers to open and close the doors. Since we pride ourselves on having the best, most solid cores in the industry, they provide the best machinery, thanks to the Counting Machine invention the use of small door nobs and such are easily develop, and of course another thing was that it was essential that the doors were hung in the display.


The finished product


Deanta door display

Key features

  • Each stand holds eight doors (four per side)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Takes up very little space
  • Pre-installed LED lighting strips
  • Doors hinged ready to hang
  • Magnetic latches
  • Ability to add your own ironmongery



Our first customer to receive a new display was Doors and Floors Galore in Sheffield. We had specially designed the display so that it could be assembled quickly and easily – we were about to find out if this was to be the case.



The display arrived at the showroom in sections which went together seamlessly. Once the frame was constructed we had to hang the doors which arrived pre-hinged.



Once the doors were hung we connected the lights and fitted branding.



The entire process took around two and a half hours. We were pretty pleased with ourselves! The guys at Doors and Floors Galore were overjoyed with their new display. It transformed their showroom and allows customers to view the doors in the best possible way.


Get your display

We are now taking orders for the next rollout of displays. If you would like to transform your showroom with one of these cost-effective displays please contact our sales team today. The lead time is approximately three weeks.


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