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The effect of colour on your interior

By Doors

Colour doesn’t just affect the way something looks, it can affect the atmosphere of a room, and even your mood! We explore the trends of colour for your interior and how it can change the way you feel.



Bring your kitchen to life!
Combination of for Kitchen images showing the current on trend colours to use in the kitchen. It also features our Windsor door in black

The is the beating heart of the house, so it needs to be open, fresh and welcoming. Neutral colours let your kitchen do the talking without taking attention away from your home furnishings. Trending at the moment is to offset the neutral colour with bold brass and black additions; this adds a modern element without having to pay out for expensive accessories for your kitchen. Complement your neutral kitchen with a colourful door!


If you are looking to recreate that fresh look in your kitchen in the spring time then you need to swap your feature colour to a sea, apple green or post-box red! A crisp bright colour quickly transforms your kitchen and rejuvenates a dull room.  “Red merlot” is a rising favourite for and we completely agree that this muted shade is gorgeous and rich for a kitchen.

Living Room

Take in your surroundings, let your stress out
Three images of lounge inspiration showing the trend of green. Middle image features Deanta's glazed Canterbury in Pistachio finish

The living room is certainly lived in at the moment. You need to make sure that you can sink into the sofa, relax, and release that tension from a day in the home office. Soft pastels are still incredibly popular in spring and summer across fashion, home décor, and accessories. With escapism and Cottagecore making an appearance in 2021, we need potted plants and fake foliage to cleanse our souls. You can pair your natural elements with traditional, contemporary or modern styles! Choose a sky blue, fern green or honeydew to boost those serotonin levels. It is scientifically proven that green is the most calming colour for us, so grab a paintbrush and improve your mood with a new coat of colour.


Complementary tones for a harmonious atmosphere
4 Images showing colour trends in the bedroom featuring bold deep colours.

Bedroom colours are always up to interpretation because we all want to reflect our own style in our personal space, but the scheme you choose can alter the atmosphere… Create a very trendy, moody atmosphere with low lights and deep colours scattered across your room. Take a bold colour like teal and use a shade of blue or purple to capture this trend. If you are attracted to deeper colours then this is the route for you! Soothing and calm, you just melt into this interior style. Complete your look with warm fairy lights, faux fur rugs, and black out curtains to get a heavenly night’s sleep.


Are darker tones not for you? Brighten your mood every morning and night with a rich regal blue. Very hot right now and such a stunning colour, how can you be blue? Pair your new style with a statement headboard and an array of comfy pillows to fall in love with your new colourful bedroom.