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How to make the most of your space

By Doors

More than ever, we are creating multifunctioning spaces in our homes. Spending time at home has become much more frequent, so it is very important to maximise the space you have to offer, and use it efficiently. Space saving doesn’t need to be a challenge, we have a few tips for you to try at home.

The Perfect Home Office

We all know that the office now needs to be remote. Our homes have developed into much more than a house in the past year; we now need classrooms, home office’s, home gyms and relaxation areas. Let’s see this as a chance to decorate and redefine your work space. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect home office:

  • Make it comfortable – your desk and chair are the top of the list to make sure you can work with ease.
  • Natural light – A window in your office space would be ideal! This will literally brighten your days and bring some well needed positivity.
  • Nature – Potted plants and flowers will bring the outside, in. This could add a splash of colour, a breath of fresh air or a trendy addition to your new work area. From succulents to daffodils, you can’t go wrong!
  • Clean and organised – A tidy office is a tidy mind. Make sure you have some desk tidies and shelving to organise your space.

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3 Home Office Setups

Slide into 2021

A pocket door system is a powerful tool, and when used properly can transform and maximise the space in your home. With space a premium inside the home, pocket doors are the ideal solution. Without the swing of the door, you have more room for furniture, the ability to create additional rooms, or simply to add some extra space. Pocket doors are stunning in a modern home but any style benefits from pocket systems. Pocket doors don’t need to be used for small cupboards or utility rooms anymore, these can be featured anywhere in your home. Double pocket doors really shine leading from a dining room to living room, or kitchen. Increase your space with this great feature and upgrade your interior. Discover our range of pocket doors here

Image Showing Pocket Doors

The Power of The Fold

Natural light is sorely needed, and with Spring approaching nobody wants to miss out. You can easily increase the flow of air and light with a folding door system. Let some well needed light into your rooms using clear glazed internal doors. A fold system has so much potential in an open plan home, this can separate rooms so that you can transition from one room to another, and have the privacy you need to work from home, but without compromising the feeling of space and openness. This can also help to separate school and work from your relaxation space –remember to take the time to chill-out during these strange times. Discover of Bi-Fold range here

Image Showing Bi Fold Doors